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Business Development Manager - North American Schools

Corton BDMs prospect, present, and acquire new relationships with the most thriving and promising institutions in North America. To succeed in this role, one must be passionate about school safety, and be able to fluently communicate the importances and advantages of tracking student attendance and monitoring student whereabouts. The very best Corton BDMs also must possess an extraordinary ability to identify and uncover any existing process pain points, pair the E-TRAC™ advantages where applicable, and present solutions with integrity, ownership and accountability.

Relationship Manager

Corton Relationship Managers retain, build and preserve honest relationships with our clients. To succeed in this role, you should be an excellent communicator, love to travel both domestic and abroad, and great at building a healthy rapport with a variety of clientele from around the world. The very best Corton RM’s possess a high level of emotional intelligence, are strategic thinkers, and possess strengths in developing client loyalty.

Software Developer

Corton Software Developers build and implement the most innovative and functional programs in the industry. To succeed in this role, you should be able to work fluidly with other Developers throughout all phases of the software development life cycle and be a great team player with a keen eye for detail. Your goal will be to build new and update existing programs that serve the needs of our clients needs, while also challenging yourself to pushing your skillset to heights unimaginable and do your best work now.



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