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About us


Corton Analytics Corporation began in 2012 over one long dinner conversation that began with “man, I wish we had…when we were leading the Guest Experience and Fan Analytics departments at the stadium...” and 3 hours and 10 ice-teas with no sugar later, Corton was formed and we haven’t stopped working day and night since. We needed a solution that tracked fan movement and reported each fans organic behaviors beyond the gates that we can learn and improve from, and we had never seen anything that did what we needed, so we developed our own.

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Corton started simple and still is. We root our experience from over 25 integrated years of operating over 2000 events, and managing the movement of over 54,000,000 guests. We designed eTRAC™ for small to mid-sized companies who want to experience the efficiency, growth and revenues of big business. As previous executives with large firms ourselves, it was our full understanding of these needs that led us to develop a cutting-edge asset tracking solution.


Corton is Customer-Centric first. We understand that our clients are the pulse of our existence and the lifeline that fuels us to always reach further and push the limits of innovation. We started in Miami and remain committed to what got us known throughout the world - our tireless work-ethic, our meticulous attention to detail, and our contagious determination to continue to raise the bar.


Corton maintains a Day-One mentality. No matter our achievements, nio matter the awards, we remains hungry and addicted to continuous improvement and dedicated to always provide the most refined, reliable, and diverse asset management solutions the world has ever seen. Our recent expansion to Dallas, Texas (one of the fasted growing cities in America) allows up to expand our reach even more.


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"consistent, dependable contributors to significant growth" 

H. Wayne Huizenga | Former Owner, Miami Dolphins , Waste Management, Auto Nation, Miami Marlins, Miami Panthers, Blockbuster Video

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"an unparalleled focus on the 360 guest experience"

Chris Overholt | CEO, Canadian Olympic Committee 

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“a real dream team”

Scott Loft | Executive Vice President, Oklahoma City Thunder

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"high integrity, enthusiastic passion, 360 thinkers"

TerryBassett | Executive Vice President, Professional Bull Riders

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"extremely high levels of emotional intelligence"

Joe Bailey | Senior Advisor, RSR Partners

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