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Asset Tracking Systems designed with purpose.

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Whether your assets are Students, Employees, Guests, or Inventory, asset tracking is an essential function of every business continuously in-pursuit of excellence. The general goal of any progressive asset tracking systems is to optimize your operation and process efficiencies, in efforts to help you maximize your impact.


E-TRAC™ our flagship asset tracking solution, leverages RFID-technology to track the whereabouts of your most valuable assets (click here to learn more about RFID technology). E-TRAC™ reports asset activity, delivers actionable analytics and instant alerts to a web-based dashboard in real-time.

Why we do it

Asset tracking systems make running your business simple and easy. No more time consuming spreadsheets filled with human-error, or hours and hours of data entry. We designed E-TRAC™ so that you enjoy accurate analytics that allow you to confidently make data-driven decisions, repurpose your resources to more critical task and enable your ability to focus on doing what you do best.

Many industries have already noted that E-TRAC™ is the very best asset tracking system in the world. We encourage you to learn why.